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Blocked drains can cause major problems for plumbing, and often lead to expensive water leaks.


One of the biggest culprits behind blocked drains in Melbourne are tree roots. When they spread, the roots seek out water, which often leads them to nearby plumbing. Unfortunately, once they have broken through your pipes, things will slowly get worse, and can only be properly repaired by a qualified plumber.

If you have a blocked drain in Melbourne, the plumbers at O’Shea’s offers the services needed to fix drain blockages or any plumbing need. Backed by a 12 month guarantee, they are the first plumber you should call.

The problem may be exacerbated during the hot summer months as roots enter drains through hairline cracks in the cement joints or cause damage to the pipe or fittings.

As they work their way through the drainage system they begin to catch rubbish and debris.

In this situation the blockage builds up over time, slowly getting worse. The blockage rarely, if ever, fixes itself. Unfortunately, however, blocked drains are often more than just the blockage.

Obviously if you have a broken pipeline then it’s going to be require replacing. Water leaks out through the break and the moisture attracts further roots, which also break through, forming new blockages.

If you have blocked drains you have three options:

  • Have the immediate blockage cleared out.
  • Use a drain camera to identify the exact location of the break and the blockage before digging up the offending section and replacing it.
  • Pipe re-lining or trenchless repair.

Have a blocked drain in Melbourne? O’Shea plumbing in Melbourne offers the services needed to fix drain blockage or any plumbing need. Backed by a 12-month guarantee, they are the first plumbers you should call.

Preventing Blocked Drains

You can reduce the risk of drains becoming blocked by tree roots.

  • First of all, replace older clay pipes with PVC ones that promote less moisture and are more impervious to tree root break-through.
  • You can consider clearing existing offending trees.
    Select new trees to plant considering their root structure and your placement in relation to existing plumbing. (We can help you identify where your pipelines run if you would like.)
  • If your drains are blocked, contact O’Shea Plumbing now.

Professional Blocked Drains Services in Melbourne.

Cleaning and fixing blocked drains is one of O’Shea Plumbing’s specialties.

100% Service Guarantee on all Blocked Drains including Emergency Plumbing Services. If you require plumbing services in Melbourne, call us today. We service all South Eastern suburbs, Bayside suburbs, all CBD areas, and Inner Western and Inner Northern suburbs around Melbourne.



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