Plumber Chadstone

Margaret’s gas company had recently been around changing the gas meter. When the gas company technician was relighting the hot water heater he mentioned to Margaret that the unit was over 20 years old and not in very good condition and was likely due for a replacement.

Taking the technician’s advice, Margaret called O’Shea Plumbing. She had used O’Shea Plumbing in the past and remembered how Lawrie had got them out of trouble at the last minute when they were moving house a few years ago. 

Jarett the Service Manager at O’Shea’s took the call and arranged for Lawrie to call to quote and give options. He gave her options for a new Vulcan 170 litre unit along with a limit and cold water expansion valves, along with the servicing of two tap sets with Aqualoc tap valves. Margaret chose the latter as their preferred option.

Lawrie ordered the materials to be delivered by the Plumber’s Supplies Co-op in Cheltenham. Andrew (O’Shea plumber), Dani (a new first-year apprentice) and Lawrie arrived early the next morning. 

The next day, Andrew started work on the hot water heater, while Lawrie and Dani serviced the taps. It was a great opportunity for Lawrie to show her how to service taps properly and the benefits of Aqualoc tap valves that have a 5-year warranty.

Andrew pressure tested the gas installation for gas leaks from the gas meter. The installation proved to be gas-tight. The new hot water heater needed to be moved along the wall and a soakage pit needed to be fitted so the new unit would comply with the regulations. He completed the works and had the new hot water back up and running by lunchtime. Lawrie and Dani completed the work on the taps, Margaret was delighted on how easy the taps were to turn on and off. As a bonus for Margaret, Lawrie tightened up the loose sink mixer tap free of additional charge.

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