Have you ever tried to use a tap that just won’t get warm or burnt your hands on water that was scalding hot as soon as you turned it on? Too hot or too cold water temperatures are a hassle at the best of times and a harm at the worst– especially when your customers or employees are the ones being put in danger. These temperature extremes are not inevitable, however.

Thermostatic mixing valves can solve the problem of water temperature regulation and consistency. A thermostatic mixing valves (or TMV) is a device used to blend hot and cold water in appropriate proportions to keep water from scolding people while they bathe, shower or use the tap for any other purpose. It ensures that your water is always within a safe range to keep you from encountering burns, thermal shock or other injuries.


How Do Thermostatic Mixing Valves Work?

Most TMV devices are highly thermosensitive and use thermostats to regulate their temperature. They keep checking temperature as long as the water is turned on, pivoting between the hot and cold valves depending on which is needed to rebalance the temperature. If taps start to supply too much or too little hot or cold water to maintain the balance, the TMV will shut off immediately to keep users safe. Typically, water is kept between 60 °C (140 °F) and 50 °C (122 °F)m which is enough to kill bacteria in the water.


Varieties of Thermostatic Mixing Valves

There are several types of thermostatic mixing valves available to suit your preference and the needs of your commercial property. They can be set up in a point-of-use system at each tap; these sorts of TMVs are usually called “thermostatic faucets”. Alternatively, you can use one device that will regular the temperature amongst all water devices in your building.


Who Can Benefit from this Product?

TMV devices are beneficial for anyone, as they are necessary for preventing any shocking temperature changes when you wash. Whether you prefer warmer or cooler water temperatures, thermostatic mixing valves can help you keep from ever reaching either extreme end of the spectrum. They are great for helping you keep your property safe and comfortable for guests, employees and customers.

While TMVs are ideal for anyone, they are non-negotiable for those who fall into the following categories:

  • Restaurant & Cafe Managers: Preventing burns for your customers and staff alike is very important when you own a drinking or dining facility. Whether your water fixtures are being used in the kitchen, restrooms or elsewhere, it’s crucial that temperatures are regulated. TMVs will help keep your diners and employees safe while using water within your facility.
  • Hairdressers: If you work in a salon or barber shop, you are likely relying heavily on the water supplied at your establishment. When washing customers’ hair, it’s standard to test the temperature of the water before brining it in contact with the person in question. Thermostatic mixing valves can help make this task easier and ensure that water temperatures don’t suddenly change during the wash.
  • Medical Facility Staff: For safety and patient comfort, TMV devices should be used on any medical water source. It is a way to prevent both self-inflicted harm and accidents that may occur in the facility when patients are showering, using taps and the like.
  • Senior Living Staff: Seniors may already need assistance when bathing or using faucets. They shouldn’t also have to deal with the added stress of unregulated water temperatures. With thermostatic mixing valves, they can cook or shower in peace with one less worry about encountering risk.
  • School Administrators: Any academic employee has a duty to keep their students and staff safe at all times while they are on campus. Whether you are working with children young or old, the addition of TMVs to your academic establishment should not be disputed.
  • Veterinarians: Animals are often smaller than us and can be highly sensitive to extreme temperatures. Just as its important to protect young children, you should also consider pets’ water temperature needs and act accordingly.

While these industries can benefit from thermostatic mixing valves, they do not even begin to cover all of the fields that should take advantage of this helpful tool. If you are still wondering whether you should install a TMV for your business, feel free to ask one of our friendly team members for more information.


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