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O’Shea specialises in hot water services, repairs and installation in Melbourne.

We offer hot water system repairs and replacements across leading brands including Rheem, Aquamax, Rinnai, Stiebel Eltron and Vulcan.

If you live in Melbourne and you’re looking for a hot water system replacement, it’s important to consider an option that’s both cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. After all, hot water units are responsible for 23% of a home’s greenhouse gas emissions. On top of this, it accounts for 25% of the home’s total energy costs.

With O’Shea’s hot water service, we can help you find the hot water Unit that’s perfect for your household.

Our hot water plumbers provide a variety of hot water services to suit your needs.

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Hot Water Service

Although replacing fixtures such as taps and showerheads can help reduce household costs, sometimes you may need an entire hot water system replacement - Our team can assist!

Hot Water Services in Melbourne

Each hot water service is going to be a little different, and will require different solutions to ensure that issues are handled correctly. At O’Shea, we proudly offer a range of hot water services and quality hot water repairs throughout Melbourne. One of our experienced technicians will come to your property, assess the condition of your hot water system, and offer a range of solutions based on your needs. This can range from simple repairs to a replacement of the system depending on the issue, but whatever is required, we will keep you informed every step of the process.

Local residents have been trusting us with their hot water needs for over 40 years. Call one of our hot water plumbers in Melbourne and we’ll help you cover all of the bases when it comes to your hot water systems.

If you've noticed your gas or electricity bill continually rising, you may need to consider replacing your hot water system. A faulty hot water system can cost a considerable amount in unnecessary electricity and gas expenditure, so fix the system and you’ll stop paying unending hot water repair costs.

Some reasons why you may need to call for a hot water repair or replacement is because your current system is:

  • Old or outdated, causing inconsistent heating, issues with water pressure, or even rusty/dirty water.
  • Leaking or seeping out water into the surrounding area.
  • Visibly damaged or rusted in ways that may suggest underlying issues.
  • Making noises, such has hissing, clunking, or banging sounds.
  • No longer meeting the hot water needs of the building/household. Eg. being unable to provide hot water throughout the day.

Types of Hot Water Systems

Storage Hot Water Systems

At O’Shea, you can get a storage water heater to store your water in an insulated tank so it’s hot when you need it.

Storage heaters use either a gas burner located in the storage tank or an electric element. The gas units usually have a pilot flame that burns continuously and lights the main burner when it’s needed. Because storage heaters lose heat through the walls of the tank, they need to burn gas or use electricity regularly to keep water at the desired temperature.

With these units, your tank will be well insulated so you have lower storage losses and you can save on gas or electricity costs.

Continuous Flow Hot Water Units

Continuous flow hot water units use newer technology than the storage hot water system. This is because the water is only heated when necessary. As a result, it reduces waste and gives you more temperature control.

These units are more energy-efficient and have a 6-7 star energy rating. They’re also compact so they can be installed in the small spaces of Melbourne homes. Although they may not be as cheap as the storage unit alternative, they’re more efficient and you’ll have an endless supply of hot water.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water Systems use solar panels as well as electric or gas-powered boosters, to heat the water. It’s the most energy-efficient of all the systems, but also the most expensive to install. You can couple the boosters, used on overcast days, and the tank in two ways:

  • On the roof along with the solar panels
  • At ground level

Installing the boosters and tank at ground level is the preferred option because it avoids the time and expenses required to reinforce the roof. It also gives you easier access during hot water service repairs.

Heat Pump Water Heating

A Heat Pump Water Heater works almost like an air conditioner. This is because it extracts heat from the air along with a refrigerant to produce hot water. It’s an electrically powered system that’s also environmentally friendly.

Hot Water Maintenance

Water heating systems need to be maintained to avoid costly repairs, just like any other system or appliance in a Melbourne home. Without regular hot water maintenance, the integrity of the entire system is in jeopardy and you’ll likely require expensive hot water repairs. A lack of maintenance can result in hot water tank leaks or hot water unit failure.

In addition to timely hot water repairs, it’s important to follow a regular hot water maintenance schedule. For hot water units in Melbourne, it’s recommended to schedule and perform hot water system maintenance every five years. This will maintain the maximum efficiency and safety of the entire system.

Talk to our hot water plumbers in Melbourne about scheduled hot water repairs and maintenance. We can even perform hot water maintenance of your entire system during a repair visit.

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Types of Hot Water Repairs and Maintenance

Regular hot water maintenance and repairs help to ensure even heating and the integrity of the entire hot water heating system. To prevent damage, breakdown and other possible repair issues to your heating system, we can perform the following tasks during your scheduled maintenance:

  • Clean the pilot and burner
  • Remove sludge from the cylinder If required
  • Measure the hot water temperature and pressure
  • Advise if a tempering valve is required
  • Check and replace the anode if necessary
  • Inspect and replace the pressure & temperature relief valve according to manufacturer recommendations
  • Examine and replace the thermocouple if necessary
  • Replace the gas controller if necessary
  • Assess and adjust the gas pressure if required

Although hot water maintenance and repair can be complicated, our trustworthy professionals at O’Shea Plumbing can handle anything. It’s no wonder that Melbourne homeowners turn to us when they require assistance with their water heating systems.

Licensed installation and commissioning of your Hot Water Systems

Installation of a Hot Water Unit

Our installation services include:

  • Checking your existing hot water unit to see if it meets your needs
  • Checking the Mega Joule Rating of your existing hot water system installation, and recommending a hot water unit based on this, the size of the existing gas pipes/electricity system and the hot water needs of the household
  • Looking at your gas pipes and evaluating whether they are large enough to run all of your existing and planned gas appliances
  • Testing the gas installation for gas leaks, before and after completion of hot water system installation
  • Checking water pressure and temperature of hot water
  • Recommending cold and hot water pressure reduction valves. This will greatly increase the life of the entire hot water and plumbing systems, make hot water units more efficient and save water
  • Commissioning the hot water unit on completion
  • Issuing a Certificate of Compliance
  • Making sure every hot water system installation is completed to meet or exceed the regulations AS/NZS 3500 and AS/NZS 5601

Based on our evaluations we can give you the best advice on which hot water unit is best to meet your needs. We can even advise you on what corrective action you need to take to help with water pressure issues. We’ll even check if you need a Tempering Valve to control water temperature.

At O’Shea, we pride ourselves on evaluating all of your plumbing needs and recommending the correct hot water unit for your home. We offer valuable insights into which type of hot water system installation will work best for each home. Our results have made customers happy throughout Melbourne.

Commissioning a Hot Water System

Here are some of the steps we take to commission your new Water Heating Unit installations for you:

  • Checking the gas supply pressure at the inlet of the hot water unit        
  • Adjusting the aeration
  • Adjusting the burner pressures
  • Checking that the hot water is operating correctly 
  • Checking / adjusting the temperature if a tempering valve has been fitted 
  • Instruct the user on the correct method of operation for their new hot water system installation

If we can’t obtain the burner pressure, we even have recommendations on how to correct this. If you require a larger Gas Meter, we’ll liaise with the relevant Gas Company to fit one. We’ll even remove your old Hot water Unit, as well as any rubbish from the site and send it to recycling.

Before your unit is installed, (where required) we’ll: 

  • Arrange a licensed Asbestos Removalist 
  • Arrange a Licensed Electrician 
  • Arrange Concrete Cutting and Hole Core Boring 
  • Arrange Rubbish Bin Hire 
  • Arrange Wall Floor Tilers 
  • Arrange Plasterers, Carpenters   & Painters 
  • Arrange Dial B4 U Dig       

 Once your unit is installed, we’ll:

  • Supply a Certificate of Compliance

At O’Shea, you’ll have a top-quality Hot Water System that meets all of your needs.

All-In-One Water Heater Service and Repair

O’Shea Plumbing offers hot water system repairs and maintenance, as well as assistance when you’re picking a new hot water system installation. Our customers trust us to provide exceptional repairs and installations for all of their hot water plumbing and service needs.

Contact O’Shea Plumbing for help with hot water maintenance or repairs. We are proud to offer both scheduled hot water maintenance and general hot water service throughout Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

Whether it’s a heater tank leak or an entire hot water heater that needs repair, O’Shea is committed to providing all hot water maintenance Melbourne wide. You can put your faith in our hot water plumbers, contact us today for a quote on 9888 2887.

Hot Water FAQ's

Plumbing a hot water heater involves connecting the water supply, hot water outlet, and gas or electricity supply to the heater. To start, you’ll need to turn off the water and gas or electricity supply, and then attach the water supply and hot water outlet pipes to the appropriate valves on the heater. Next, you’ll need to connect the gas or electricity supply and ensure that all connections are tight, secure and tested for leaks. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and local building codes when plumbing a hot water heater. These works should always be performed by a qualified plumber.

Plumbing a hot water recirculating system involves installing a pump and check valve on the hot water supply line, as well as a return line that connects to the cold-water supply line. The recirculating system ensures that hot water is readily available at the tap by continuously circulating it through the pipes. Proper installation is crucial to ensure optimal performance and prevent issues such as backflow. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and engage a licensed plumber to perform the works.

Yes, plumbers install hot water heaters. Plumbers are licensed professionals who are qualified to install, repair, and maintain plumbing systems, including hot water heaters. When installing a hot water heater, a plumber will connect the water supply, hot water outlet and gas. It’s important to have a licensed plumber handle the installation to ensure that it is done correctly and safely. Any electrical works(if required), will be performed by a licensed electrician.

Hot water heaters are typically installed by licensed plumbers, as they are qualified to handle the water supply and gas connections for gas-powered units. While electricians can connect the power supply for electric hot water heaters, this is only necessary for certain types of units. In general, it is recommended to hire a licensed plumber for hot water heater installations, to ensure that the job is done safely and up to code.

Yes, plumbers can fix hot water heaters. Plumbers are licensed professionals who are trained to repair and maintain plumbing systems, including hot water heaters. Common issues with hot water heaters include leaks, pilot light problems, faulty thermostats, and sediment build-up. It’s important to have a licensed plumber handle any repairs to ensure that they are done correctly and safely. Regular maintenance and repairs can extend the life of your hot water heater and prevent the need for costly replacements.

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