Commercial Leak Detection

No one wants to find a leak in their pipes– especially if it’s only found once the problem has evolved into a massive disaster. Pipes are prone to burst or leak both during the building process and after if they are not properly installed and maintained. 

In order to prevent complications in your commercial property, you should engage in leak detection services on a regular basis. These leakage tests exist as a means of assessing your risk and resolving any problems if and when they arise. Don’t let your leak get out of control; rely on O’Shea instead.

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At O’Shea Plumbing, we provide leak detection services for companies, residences and building sites all around Melbourne and regional Victoria. We keep our prices low because we believe everyone deserves access to safe, clean and well-functioning pipes. Our services are quick and our are staff helpful. Don’t wait days for an emergency plumber to come and fix your commercial leak– trust our team instead for a preventative solution.

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Our Process

The approach we use for leak detection is simple and straightforward. These three steps are what you can expect when you hire on of our professional plumbers:

  • When you book the services of O’Shea Plumbing, one of our professional leak detectors will come to your property to inspect the site and investigate whether you are at risk of any leaks.
  • We will also look for signs that a leak has already begun anywhere within your plumbing system, externally or internally.
  • If any leaks are present, we will take immediate corrective actions to stop them efficiently. We will also employ preventative measures to reduce your chances of leakage later on down the road.

Spotting a Leak

Sometimes leaks are inevitable. However, you can keep a little leak from becoming a major hassle by spotting the warning signs early on.

There are several signs that you may be experiencing a leak in your commercial building. Of course, if the leak is big enough you will be able to tell straight away by the water that sprays from or accumulates near pipes.

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If you own or rent a commercial property in the Melbourne area and would like to assess your risk of leakage, trust your friends at O’Shea Plumbing. We have over 40 years of commercial plumbing experience and we are not planning on quitting any time soon. We are available seven days a week for your commercial plumbing and leak detection needs. Call us at 03 9888 2887 for a free quote and consultation.

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