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It is a common assumption that a banging or vibration sound from water pipes is normal. After all, pipes do make noises, especially as they get older. Unfortunately, banging or vibrating pipes could be a sign there is a serious plumbing problem occurring, this is known as water hammer. At O’Shea Plumbing, we have the water hammer fix you are searching for!

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What is Water Hammer?

Pipes are designed to allow water or other liquids to flow uninterrupted. When this occurs, you will hear a water rushing sound that is smooth and steady. Unfortunately, when that water flow is interrupted – typically due to shutting off the water suddenly – it can create a loud banging, thumping noise or in rare cases vibrations that shake the entire household! The banging, thumping, and shaking is known as water hammer. 

What Should Know About Water Hammer

Why Does Water Hammer Occur?

Water hammer occurs when water travels through the pipes in a home at an uneven speed. In some situations, it can be caused when the water makes a sudden change in direction. When one of these two things occurs in the pipes, it creates an uneven flow of water, which results in the banging, thumping, or vibrations associated with water hammer. Household plumbing contains air chambers that help absorb the shockwave that is created when this happens, reducing the severity of the pressure impact and preventing the hammering. The air chambers can become waterlogged over time, which is where you will need the services of a plumbing professional.

It’s Just Noise – Isn’t It?

Homeowners are often quick to assume that water hammer just causes loud noises that can be frustrating and annoying. What homeowners don’t realise is the noise isn’t the only thing going on with their pipes.

If left untreated, it could cause extensive damage to the pipes and structure of the home.

Pipes, especially old, rusted or corroded pipes, can burst due to the presence of hammering. The burst happens because the sudden changes in water flow cause the pipes to weaken and eventually break. Burst pipes can be extremely costly to fix, which is why it is better and most cost-effective to treat the water hammer than leave it untreated.

Burst pipes aren’t the only problem homeowners have to worry about. Structural damage can occur as a result of water hammer. All the banging and vibrations caused by the hammering can result in movement of the pipes. If the pipes move too much, it could cause holes or cracks to form in the walls of a home.

Is there a DIY Water Hammer Fix?

While there are many DIY solutions that offer suggestions on how to fix water hammer, it is best to let an experienced professional plumber from O’Shea Plumbing handle the situation. An experienced plumbing professional will ensure all the correct steps are taken to find a water hammer fix and that any costly mistakes are avoided.

O’Shea Plumbing Can Help Fix Water Hammer

One of our experienced plumbers will come to your home and help you with your hammering problem. Our plumbers will first make sure the knocking, vibrating pipes are caused by water hammer and not another plumbing problem.

Once it has been determined that water hammer is the cause of the noisy pipes, our plumbers will work to ensure they find the best water hammer fix for your home. First, we will determine where and why the hammering is occurring and then take the necessary steps to fix it.

Call O’Shea Plumbing today to schedule an appointment with a non-emergency or emergency plumber in Melbourne to fix your water hammer problem.

No more banging or thumping pipes – O’Shea Plumbing have the water hammer fix you are looking for!

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