Oshea plumbing Mount Waverley

Andrew was working on a sewer drain blockage in Malvern around the time that Melbourne’s COVID lockdown restrictions were easing. Andrew managed to clear this blockage, however during the course of these works a neighbour came and asked if Andrew could come and have a look at a leaking toilet, which was quoted for and completed the next day. Another neighbour, Jenifer, asked for a business card and asked if O’Shea Plumbing could come and have a look at a few issues at her property.

Upon arrival, Andrew noticed that the concrete path was lifting and cracking with a large volume of mint growing between the cracks. Andrew inspected the closest downpipe and found the plumber who installed it had buried the metal downpipe in the ground and over the years this had rusted away. Any water which was meant to be going into stormwater drain was not and was actually tunnelling under the concrete path causing this to drop and crack.

Andrew also noticed that the waste pipe from the kitchen sink had rusted apart and the drain in the section had dropped causing more issues with the wastewater not going where it should. 

Andrew had a look at what was involved in rectifying both issues and provided Jenifer with options to fix one or both of the problems. Explaining to Jenifer what was involved and a timeframe of when O’Shea Plumbing can start and how long the job should go for.

Jenifer considered the quote for 24hrs and approved the works on the Friday before Melbourne Cup. Andrew organised this job to be started on the Wednesday after the Cup.

When Wednesday came around, Andrew got to work. There was a bit of concrete cutting and digging to expose the damaged areas and a bin was provided to remove the rubble and excess soil. Andrew worked hard to get this job finished in time and to a high standard. 

Once the plumbing works had been complete, Andrew ordered enough crushed rock to fill the hole to the surface so that Jenifer’s family could use their back yard again without the risk of falling in a large hole. The reason Andrew backfilled the hole with crushed rock was so that when the concreter comes to repair the path/driveway that this will have less chance to sink causing damage again to the drains.

Andrew finished the works and even investigated/cleared the drains at no extra charge as he was waiting for a delivery of the crushed rock. Andrew also found a second downpipe which had completely detached from the stormwater drain and rectified this at no further charge.

At the end of the job, Andrew left Jenifer with a clean backyard and the section of sewer and two sections of stormwater in perfect working order.

Jenifer was so happy with the service which was provided to her that she asked Andrew to come back to complete further works on her property.

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