One of the most common issues in commercial and residential plumbing is when people fail to spot the very clear warning signs. Often, they overlook minor issues and don’t perform routine checks. Simply put, most people often hope plumbing problems will go away by themselves. However, it’s usually easier, faster and cheaper in the long run for experienced plumbers to fix minor issues before they become major disasters. The good news is that with our free hints and tips, home and business owners can easily identify the warning signs themselves.

Turn down your hot water heater

For those in colder climates, did you know that turning down the temperature 10 degrees on your hot water heater can save you 3 to 4 percent on energy costs? We recommend this especially if you are going on holiday and don’t need to use your hot water. 3-4% is a substantial saving when put into a yearly context, so this is a tip to keep close to your chest.

Replace your old bathtub

Is your old bathtub leaky, broken or mouldy? Mould can be taken care of, but if leak repairs are costing more than it would to replace the bathtub and shower head, it is certainly time for an update. Avoid the financial mess by replacing your old bathtub, and take care of it well by ventilating the bathroom adequately and regularly.

Schedule maintenance checks for toilets and other fixtures

Life is easier when you don’t have to call your plumber for last minute emergencies, especially if your toilet is overflowing or a pipe is seriously leaking. To avoid such problems, call in our friendly team of plumbers ahead of time and schedule regular check-ups for all your plumbing fixtures – both inside and outside the house.

Hire a professional instead of DIY

We know you might want to take matters into your own hands when something needs repair, it’s human nature to do so. However, in most cases, it’s better to save yourself the trouble and call in the professionals for a proper opinion. We have the right tools and experience to resolve the issue and prevent it from happening again.

The garbage disposal is not a trash can

These days, food wastage is at an all time high. However, this doesn’t mean you can throw anything and everything into the garbage disposal! Avoid throwing poultry bones and skin, fruit or vegetable peels, and cornhusks into the disposal. This will clog up the unit in no time!

Of course, not every dripping tap is a disaster waiting to happen. However, many common plumbing problems can be an early indication of something more sinister. Many of the plumbing emergencies that our professionals handle are, in fact, avoidable and preventable. Stick to these 5 proactive tips to help mitigate your plumbing problems this season.

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