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David, a resident in Ashwood, woke up one morning to find that he had no hot water coming from his system. David immediately called O’Shea Plumbing in Mount Waverley to come to investigate after he had found them online by searching “gas plumber Melbourne”. 

Lawrie arrived later that day and after checking over the hot water unit, told David that it would have to be replaced. After some discussion on what type of unit would be best for David and his family, David decided to have a continuous flow hot water unit installed due to its efficiency for gas usage, and never running out of hot water again. To install this particular system, a new gas line would need to be run to the new unit to allow for its greater gas needs. David happily agreed and Lawrie book a plumber to come by the next day.

The new Rinnai 26 Infinity hot water unit was ordered along with the required materials which were quickly delivered from the Plumbers Supplies Coop in Mitcham. Jeremy (O’Shea plumber) arrived the next day and started off with a gas pressure test to ensure there were no gas leaks on David’s existing gas line. As soon as he started the test, Jeremy saw a quick drop in the pressure indicating that there was a gas leak somewhere along the line. After some investigation, Jeremy found that the gas leak was on the valve to their heating unit due to some bricks that had been stacked against the pipe. After redoing the connections on the valve, Jeremy performed another pressure test and found that it held quite well. 

With that small hiccup out of the way, Jeremy got right to work draining and removing the old hot water unit. Once the old unit was out of the way, Jeremy hung the new continuous flow unit and connected the hot and cold water pipes. After that, he ran the new gas line from the gas meter down the side of the house to the new unit. 

With the new unit fully connected, Jeremy performed one last gas pressure test to ensure that the new gas line had no leaks. Jeremy then checked and relit all of the other gas appliances in the house to make sure any air left in the gas line had been pushed through. When commissioning the new Rinnai, Jeremy noticed that he was not getting sufficient gas supply from the gas meter. The gas supply company was contacted to rectify this. 

At O’Shea Plumbing, we take pride in providing high-quality plumbing services and thoroughly check your entire plumbing system to see if any related issues may be contributing to faults. When Jeremy measured the water pressure at the front garden tap, he found it to be very high. So after David accepted the quote to fit a pressure reduction valve after the water meter, Jeremy went about fitting the valve. The benefit of pressure reduction is that it makes all appliances, taps, pipes, etc. last a lot longer and alleviates the potential for future plumbing issues. It also helps to reduce water hammer in the pipes. 

David was very pleased by the service provided by O’Shea Plumbing and was glad to have hot water back in his house again. Nice work team!

No matter what job you need to be done, from basic repairs to supply and installation of major appliances or hot water systems, we’ll get it done to meet top standards. Our professional plumbers and gas plumbers are here for all your emergency or non-emergency plumbing services. O’Shea are the plumbers Melbourne can rely on – Call us today on (03) 9888 2887.