Bentleigh Plumbing

This case study involves a hot water unit leakage. It all started when ‘Beverley’ from Balwyn, VIC  looked out her kitchen window to find her footpath flooded with water. The culprit was her hot water system, which was spilling a large volume of water.


In order to sort out the problem, ‘Lawrie’ owner and operator at O’Shea Plumbing (who is based out the Mount Waverley, VIC office) went to Beverley’s house at 6 PM on a Friday evening. At O’Shea Plumbing we really don’t mind attending outside regular working hours, to assist those with emergency plumbing issues.


Lawrie found out very quickly found that the hot water unit had split and was leaking water onto the ground (as fast as the water could enter). Unfortunately for Beverley, there was no chance to organise a new hot water unit at that point in time. However, Lawrie went about sourcing one to be installed by our plumber ‘Andrew’, who was on call for that weekend.


Andrew arrived at Beverley’s house at 8 AM the next morning and disconnected the old hot water unit. He performed the relevant gas pressure tests (that are required whenever any gas installation or repair work is carried out). He then installed a new hot water system. This was delivered to site by the team at ‘The Plumber Co-Op in Mitcham, VIC.


Andrew didn’t leave it there. After looking at all of the gas isolation valves, he found that there was a loose connection. Andrew undid the valve completely to check the condition of the valve (and the flared copper that attaches to isolation valve). Now that he had confirmed all was in good working order, Andrew felt confident about reconnecting the valve.


Once again, Andrew tested the gas line to ensure against any subsequent gas leaks. The new hot water unit was commissioned and a Certificate of Compliance was issued for the work. The gas was turned back on and the work area left clean and tidy. Best of all, Beverley and her husband were once again able to enjoy a warm shower that morning.