Bundoora Plumber – Gas Fitting

Paul and his young family have a beautiful home with a magnificent heated pool. Unfortunately, the gas line to their pool heater ran through their neighbour’s property. Paul’s neighbour was getting renovations done and when the workers were digging up the existing driveway for renovations, they accidentally ripped out the old galvanised iron gas line causing a very large gas leak.

This gas leak was made safe by the worker’s plumbers, however, they had not reconnected this back to the pool heater. Paul knew that if he and his family wanted to use the pool over spring and summer that he would need the pool heater in operation. Paul looked up local plumbers and found O’Shea Plumbing, he looked at some reviews and decided that O’Shea was the best plumbing company in his area.

Jeremy (O’Shea Plumbing team member) arrived on site and had a look at what was involved in running a new copper gas pipe from the gas meter under the house to supply gas to the pool heater. Jeremy worked out what size pipe was needed and provided Paul with a fixed price quote to complete the works. Paul approved and Jeremy booked the job in for the next week.

The next week Andrew (another O’Shea Plumbing team member) came around to begin the job (Jeremy was away on leave). Luckily the work systems that O’Shea Plumbing have set up mean that any O’Shea team member can look at notes, quotes and photos for all clients and very easily take over a job if required to do so.

Andrew arrived the day the works were to commence and went about setting up the gas fitting job, including doing the appropriate test on the existing gas supply pipes. As well as sliding the 40mm and 32mm copper pipe under the house and into position. By mid-afternoon, all the gas pipes were reconnected and all appropriate tests been completed to make sure that there were no gas leaks. Everything was deemed safe and sound and the clients had their gas turned back on.

Andrew spent the rest of the day making sure that all the pipes had the correct clips and patching up of any holes in the brickwork and the old galvanised pipes which penetrated through the concrete path underneath the house.

With the job finished gas was finally being supplied back to the pool heater, which Paul was very grateful for. Nice work team! When searching for a local plumber call us –  We’re the plumbers Melbourne can rely on!