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We solved the issue of a broken pipe with minimal interruption to the client’s regular schedule

Bill does not spend 100% of his time at one particular home. Rather, he has various places he calls ‘home’, so some of his properties are often uninhabited for lengths of time. 

Luckily, one of Bill’s neighbours heard a sound coming from the other side of the fence. Knowing that Bill was not home, the neighbour let himself into the backyard, only to find a water pipe leaking a large volume of water. 

Thanks to his quick thinking, Bill’s neighbour took swift action to find a short-term solution and turned off the water supply at the water meter. This at least stopped the water from flowing out of the broken pipe. The neighbour then contacted Bill who in turn contacted the Kielor O’Shea Plumbing office and asked for assistance from one of the plumbers.

The office noted the urgency of the matter and one of the O’Shea team members, Adam, arrived the next day. He was shown the issue by the neighbour.

Adam had a look at the problem and provided an obligation-free quote for repair of the pipe. This was sent to Bill’s email for him to review. Bill and Adam also had a phone conversation to discuss details. Bill soon gave approval for work to start immediately.

Adam repaired the leak and fixed the issue. Bill’s neighbour closed the gate and Bill had his plumbing issue fixed without it interrupting his busy life—and without him even needing to travel to his property. 

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