Cheltenham Plumber

Annie and Jamie from Cheltenham have been long time clients of O’Shea Plumbing.

They called O’Shea plumbing again when they realised they had no water from their storage Hot Water Unit (HWU). Adam (an O’Shea plumber) was sent out to investigate.   

Adam soon realised that the pilot light had gone out. As the HWU was quite old and the system didn’t comply with regulations on how it was installed, servicing was not an option. Also, a ramp had been installed directly in front of the HWU making it extremely hard to get the burners out of the unit for servicing.

Adam spent a bit of time with Annie discussing different scenarios to replace the HWU with another hot water service around the house and the pros and cons of each. As there were limited places to install a new hot water storage tank, a like-for-like replacement was soon becoming not a great option.

Annie picked another option Adam had given which was an attempt to relight the unit. There were no guarantees that this would work or for how long the unit pilot would stay lit, which Adam ensured was explained before the quote for works was accepted. Once confirmed, Adam proceeded with works to relight the unit and with a bit of skill and luck, managed to fire up the Hot Water Unit.

Adam then investigated another option of replacing the existing storage tank with a Rinnai Infinity continuous flow unit which could easily be mounted on the wall where the existing storage tank was, this would comply with plumbing codes and regulations. Adam spent a bit of time explaining the long term benefits of the Rinnai Infinity units and how the works could be completed. Once finished the quote, Adam presented it to Annie and Jamie for them to consider if their existing HWU failed and couldn’t be relit. In the meantime, Adam checked the existing hot water unit was still up and running and it was.

Annie and Jamie were very grateful and happy to have hot water again at their Cheltenham home. Giving clients options and an honest opinion about works that will always comply with plumbing codes and regulations is what O’Shea Plumbing has always strived to be the best at. 

Whether it’s a big job, such as replacing an entire hot water system, or just a small job, such as relighting a hot water service, O’Shea will give the clients a range of options to pick from, so that they can choose the option that suits them best. O’Shea are the plumbers Melbourne can rely on – Call us today!