Water filtration Melbourne

Have you noticed the water coming out of your tap has a cloudy look to it? When the water coming out of your drinking and washing facilities isn’t clear, this is a sign that you may have a plumbing problem on your hands. 

The most common occasions when you may think your water is cloudy is when it is coming out of a hot water tap or when it comes from a mains pressure hot water unit. You will notice when you initially fill a glass with hot water that the water in the glass is cloudy, and then, over a few minutes, the water in the glass will become clear. This water is perfectly safe, though we do not recommend that anyone drink water from a hot water unit. The reason for the “cloudy” water in this situation, is that when the hot water is delivered out of the mains water heater under pressure it contains an extra molecule of oxygen, which dissipates over time when left in the open air.

Another reason you may be experiencing cloudy or discoloured water could be due to poor quality water pipes or old galvanised pipes. This situation often happens when the water has been sitting unused in the pipes while the occupants of the building have been away, or even overnight, when the water has not been used for some hours. In this case, the water pipes need to be replaced, because it is not only causing the poor water quality, but there is an increased risk of the pipes bursting and causing more extensive damage from leaking water pipes.

Cloudy water can also occur after a broken water main in the local area has been fixed by the water company, there can be some air and discolouration of the water. The water companies usually do a great job in flushing the mains before reconnection, but sometimes discolouration may occur. This is nothing to worry about as the cloudy water will eventually flush itself out as the taps are turned on and used.

The water supply to the citizens of Melbourne is amongst the best in the world. But like anything, it can be improved. A water filter greatly improves the quality of the drinking water coming from your taps. Water filtration provides a host of benefits that should not be overlooked, such as a better taste and smell, fewer contaminants, and it’s far cheaper (and more environmentally friendly) than forking out money for bottled water. A dual cartridge is the best water filtration system for most people as it removes sediment, taste and odour, without removing the beneficial minerals that are vital for good health. 

Water filter Melbourne

The other option is reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is a process used to treat water and remove contaminants. The process includes using pressure to push water molecules through a semipermeable membrane. This method is generally only for people who have a certain health condition, cafes and restaurants wanting to make great coffee, or dental practices, etc. 

Whether your family is searching for the best in health care, afflicted by allergies or other medical conditions that require consistently clean filtered water or simply feel compelled to treat water from non-municipal supplies, we have the right solution for you. O’Shea Plumbing offer installation and servicing of tap, countertop and under bench filters as well as reverse osmosis. Clean water is necessary for healthy living, so if have cloudy water coming from your taps or want to improve the quality of your drinking water by adding a filter, contact the plumbing professionals at O’Shea Plumbing on 03 9888 2887 for a fast quote.