Commercial Plumbing Chadstone

Our team O’Shea Plumbing not only complete works on domestic properties, but are relied upon by a number of number of shops and commercial properties that trust their expertise in plumbing services. Our headquaters is based in Mount Waverley, VIC and the office is backed by systems and processes that our plumbers use to help track and monitor tasks.


Coupled with friendly and genuine customer care, these safeguards allow us to provide the best level of service for our clients. We have a level of adaptability and responsiveness that is a real point-of-difference. Plus, we band together like a family to make things happen.


Take the following example: our plumber ‘Jarrett’ is requested regularly by one of our clients who operate a store located within Chadstone Shopping Centre, that is in Malvern East ,VIC. However, this time around (when he got their call) he was completely booked with pre-existing work.


Our plumber ‘Andrew’ picked up this job on Jarrett’s behalf. He arrived to find that all toilets, and drains were blocked and needed to be fixed. The employees at the shop couldn’t use the facilities. Andrew looked up the history of this shop and within five minutes of arriving could already affirm some important particulars. He knew where Jarrett had previously worked (where all the pipes had been layed) and how far down the drain the blockage was likely to be.


Andrew acquired permission to start works and in no time at all had cleared the drain. Naturally, he then packed up and cleaned the surrounding area. Being able to access the history of the shop’s plumbing really streamlined his task. It also meant that the shopworkers didn’t need to hold their plumber’s hand, letting them focus on their job. At O’Shea Plumbing, we are all about efficiency!