Drain Blockage Bentleigh

We assist a client with a blocked stormwater drain in Bentleigh

Michael from Bentleigh is a handy kind of guy, he understands how plumbing works and this made life a little easier for Andrew when he arrived to have a look at the blocked stormwater drain on Michael’s property.

Michael was concerned about a drain blockage in the old clay stormwater drain which only ran for a section of about 9m before it had then been updated to PVC. The client had run a garden hose down the drain to find that there was a blockage that was not allowing the hose to go further let alone allow any water to drain.

Andrew and Michael spoke about the options for moving forward from here. Andrew suggested using the water jetter as the pipe was not only blocked with suspected tree roots but lots of sludge/silt had built up over the years reducing the flow in the drain.

Michael stated that he did not want the water jet as he thought it wasn’t required. This is fine and is why O’Shea Plumbing tries to provide options to fix the issue – all options O’Shea Plumbing gives are good options, and the attending plumber will speak to you about what is the best option and why. Michael and Andrew agreed to run the cable machine down the clay pipe section only and Andrew got to work.

Andrew cut out two sections of tree roots and used the drain camera at no extra charge to ascertain the quality of the clay pipe. Andrew ran some water down the drain at the same time as clearing in an attempt to help move the sludge out of the drain whilst it was being lifted by the cable machine.

Drain Blockage Bentleigh

Andrew collected payment and moved on. Unfortunately the next day Michael ran the hose down a different section of stormwater to find that this section was also blocked. Michael made contact with the Mt Waverley base of O’Shea Plumbing and asked if Andrew could attend the property again.

In the meantime, the client exposed the inspection opening (IO) where his stormwater joins to the council barrel drain to assist Andrew. Andrew arrived and saw this, he opened the IO to find a large clump of tree roots growing there. Andrew said to Michael that if it is just this section that is blocked that he would run the cable machine in the drain again at no extra cost as he had already paid for this job (although separate O’Shea Plumbing prides themselves on not just being good at what they do but also on the service which is given to their clients).

Andrew removed this section of roots and once they were cut there was an almighty whoosh and a large volume of water drained away perfectly, Andrew asked Michael to keep flushing the drain and did so until the water started coming out clean and clear enough that it could pass for drinking water.

To find the cause of the issue, Andrew fed the camera up the drain to find a section of pipe under the nature strip squashed and cracked (due to people parking on the nature strip) allowing roots to enter here. Michael decided this was fine for now though.

Michael was so happy with the service Andrew and the team at O’Shea Plumbing provided that he left a 5-star review for others to see online. Thanks Michael!

We can solve your drain blockages

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