Plumber Clifton Hill

Kate had just received a very large water bill. She was very concerned that her next bill was going to be just as high and that her house might be getting damaged due to water leaking somewhere on her property. 


Kate rang O’Shea Plumbing. Reaching our Mt Waverley VIC office, she requested a plumber to investigate the issue. Our plumber Andrew, who at his time was working out of the Wantirna VIC depot, arrived at 8am to Kate’s property the very next day.


He took a look at the water meter to see if it was ticking over (which it was at the time). Andrew also assessed all the fixtures around the house to see if there was any water coming through and/or undue noise. 


Once he got to Kate’s daughters bathroom he noticed that the cistern was consistently running. Andrew asked how long this had been happening. He was told that it had been occurring for some time.


Andrew provided some solutions to Kate. This would be to either service the existing or install a brand new one (his suggestion being a ‘Caroma Slimline’ cistern). This seemed like a good idea as the existing cistern was as old one, potentially requiring a new inlet and outlet valve. 


Should this transpire, there would be much more expense incurred than simply replacing the cistern. With a brand new cistern comes with brand new valves, flush pipe, seat and the system can be guaranteed. 


For Kate this decision was a no brainer. Andrew installed the new cistern and even tidied up the marks that had accumulated behind the old cistern.


Kate was so happy with the service Andrew and O’Shea Plumbing provided that she jumped onto Google and gave our company a very positive five star review. She said that she would be recommending O’Shea Plumbing to all her colleagues and friends.