Domestic Plumbing Services Mount Waverley

This is yet another case study from O’Shea Plumbing which occurred over the busy Christmas period. In this instance, ‘Hattem’ and his wife were not ready to deal with having no  access to hot water around Christmas time. With no hot water flowing through their taps, they got in contact with our O’Shea Plumbing HQ in Mt Waverley, VIC.


They reached ‘Kelly-Anne’ in our office who assured them that a plumber would be there with minimal delay. After just a short lapse in time, ‘Andrew’ (who is one of our plumbers) arrived on our client’s property to investigate the situation at hand. Unfortunately, he found that the client’s hot water unit was over 30 years old, and was not worth servicing.


However, Andrew did notice that their house had a number of solar panels on the roof. With the potential this provided in mind, he sat down with Hattem and his wife in order to survey the range of hot water units on the market (including solar), as well as the particular processes/requirements that the installation of each item would be likely to require. This in-depth analysis and ‘shopping around’ really helped to provide peace-of-mind for our client.


Once Hattem and his wife had made his mind up on which hot water unit they would like, Andrew made preparations to acquire an ‘Aquamax 390’ hot water system. Hattem was not confident that Andrew could source one in the busy period between Christmas and New Years on such short notice. Never fear, our employees are very resourceful people. Andrew spoke with ‘The Plumbers Co-op’ in Mitcham, Vic and managed to get his hands on the desired hot water system. Even better, the supplier could get it delivered within the hour!


In the meantime, Andrew went about performing the appropriate gas testing in order to affirm that the entire gas line was sound and safe. He drained the unit and got it out of the way for the new one to arrive and be installed.


Within four hours of our client’s initial phone call, we were so happy to have Hattem and his wife enjoying the comfort of fresh hot water once again. They now have a brand new ‘Aquamax 390’  hot water unit at their disposal, with a 12-year cylinder guarantee. Hattem was so happy with the service that we provided to him that left a glowing 5-star review on Google singing our praises. And that makes us feel so valued here at O’Shea Plumbing!