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Lucas in Abbotsford had been dealing with intermittent hot water for a few weeks and decided that enough was enough. He called O’Shea Plumbing in Mount Waverley to send out a plumber to have a look at his hot water service.

O’Shea plumber Jeremy arrived the next morning and asked Lucas to explain what had been happening. Lucas told Jeremy that when he would have showers the water would start out hot but by the end of the shower he would only have the hot tap on and the water coming out would only be lukewarm. Other times it would start lukewarm and never heat up beyond that. 

This sounded a lot like a faulty tempering valve to Jeremy. Typically, when tempering valves start to fail, they mix in too much cold water. In general, tempering valves are recommended to be changed every five years to avoid having to deal with a faulty one. 

Jeremy also asked Lucas whether he had ever had the pressure and temperature relief valve (PTR) changed, as PTR valves are also recommended to be changed every five years. Lucas had never had the PTR valve changed since he had been living at his flat. With his options clear, Lucas decided to have both the tempering valve and the PTR valves changed at the same time.

Jeremy went down to the local plumbing supplies store to pick up the new valves and got to work once he returned. Luckily, the two new valves were roughly the same size as the old ones so Jeremy did not have to alter any pipework to suit the new valves. Once the work was completed, Jeremy notified Lucas and tested the water temperatures. The water coming out at both bathrooms was a consistent 50 degrees, and Lucas was very happy to be able to have hot showers again. One more happy customer for O’Shea Plumbing!

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