O’Shea assists a client with leaky gutters on their Fitzroy home

Jeanne was concerned about her house in Fitzroy as every time it rained heavily water would start to overflow from the gutters which should have been containing it. On really heavy downpours, water would often show signs of damaging some of the plaster as well as cause a nuisance in the garden as the overflowing water was damaging the garden.

Jeanne decided to engage our services after looking at reviews on the internet and learning that O’Shea Plumbing could assist with her roof plumbing issues.

Adam is an O’Shea Plumber who specialises in many things but especially loves roofing. Adam has a gift to see the potential in an old roof and make any roof work better. After inspecting the roof and gutter, Adam sat with Jeanne for some time and made multiple changes to the scope of work for roof repairs and upgrades to suit Jeanne’s needs. Adam and Jeanne together came up with a good option and booked a start date

Adam and Jeanne decided that replacing the box gutter to make it larger was the best solution, as well as adding in a couple of rain heads which would act like a double back up allowing any water which is overflowing to flow into a spot that does not cause harm or damage to anything important. It was also found that the existing down pipes were too small and these were also upsized to allow for more water to flow down into the stormwater drain and prevent overflow.

Adam mentioned that it would be advisable to have a look at the existing stormwater drain under the deck as this was showing signs of water seeping out and was starting to cause damage to the deck’s timber. Upon inspection, Adam found that the downpipes were not connected to anything!

Adam assured Jeanne that he would sort the issue and devised a solution to lift some of the deck timbers and run a suspended stormwater drain under the deck connecting to the existing stormwater drain.

Adam completed the job and since then Melbourne has received multiple deluges which have caused mass damage around Melbourne BUT none to Jeanne’s house. Great work Adam!

Why you should call O’Shea for your roof repair, replacements and installations?

We have plumbers who can do most plumbing jobs, but we also have people who specialise in certain areas of plumbing so that you get the right plumber for the job. This guarantees our clients get somebody who is knowledgeable about their particular plumbing issue and enjoy working in these areas of plumbing, meaning a job is not just done well but also completed with pride and care.

For any roofing repair, replacement or installation enquiries, please contact O’Shea Plumbing and ask for Adam who will come out and enjoy talking to you about improvements that can be made to your roof. Call (03) 9888 2887.