Nathan owned a natural gas barbeque and wanted it to be connected to a gas point that was provided by the original plumber/builder of the house. Lawrie and Jeremy visited the site to complete an inspection before giving a quote. They gave a fixed-priced quote to do the work that was accepted by Nathan. O’Shea Plumbing provide fixed-price, upfront quotes so that you have peace of mind that there won’t be any surprise bills at the end of the job.

Lawrie and Jeremy got to work. After checking that the pergola was ok for the external BBQ to be fitted, the next thing to do was to pressure test the gas installation from the gas meter. This ensured that there were no gas leaks that would create a dangerous situation (both during the installation and following use). 

Next, the BBQ was connected to the gas point. The BBQ was then secured to the wall with chains, this would prevent the BBQ from being moved which would cause damage to the gas supply hose. It was pressure tested again to guarantee that the gas installation was sound. 

Finally, the BBQ was commissioned. This involved measuring the burner pressure with a manometer and adjusting the burner aeration. During the commissioning process, it was discovered that the regulator that was supplied by the manufacturer was faulty. A replacement regulator was promptly sourced and fitted. The burner pressure could now be set correctly. 

Nathan’s installation was now all set to use and ready for a season of delicious summer BBQs with friends and family. He sent an email shortly after telling Lawrie ‘thank you’ and how much he appreciated the help of O’Shea Plumbing.

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