This following case study involves a repair on an old oil heater. ‘Pam’ initially called our office to request a service to fix the fan on this piece of equipment (that had since been converted to gas) which has located at a property owned by her father in North Balwyn, Victoria.  


Our friendly O’Shea Plumbing business operator/owner ‘Lawrie’ called on his extensive experience in the field to give the advice that “as this heater was very old, the wisest and safest option would be to replace it, in its entirety”.


Lawrie and trusty O’Shea Plumbing team member ‘Richard’ visit ed onsite to conduct investigations and deliver quotes with the aim to replace the old heater with a very safe, reputable and efficient ‘Rinnai Energysaver’ heater.


Pam was happy to accept this option and the works were confirmed, with the new heater ordered and a date and time suitable for installation booked in. We organised for our electrician ‘Leo’ to be available to assist on the day.


Before installation, Richard also pressured tested the entire gas system for any leaks. The gas testing proved the existing gas system to be sound. However, during the course of the job, a fault in the existing wiring was found. Leo brought this to our client’s attention – as a matter of full accountability in the interest of safety.


The fault was fixed in due course – in order to make the area safe and operable. However, our team didn’t stop there. When the heater was removed, it was noticed that the heater flue pipe was broken. Therefore it proved that removing this flue pipe and replacing the old heater with a new heater , was the best option


The old and broken pieces of equipment were removed, the roof repaired and the old heater and flue taken away for recycling. Of course, as due diligence demands – another gas pressure test was performed upon completion along with commissioning the new heater (to ensure it was operating correctly).


All in all, the new gas heater installation went without a hitch. A Certificate of Compliance was issued to Pam, to certify the work was done correctly. We are happy to report that the

Pam’s Dad is now warm, safe and comfortable in his home – thanks to a job well done by the team at O’Shea Plumbing!