Angela has lived in her home for many years and did not do much updating to the property. It came time for Angela to decide if she wanted to live here forever or move to a new place. Some jobs needed attention so Angela googled local plumbers and contacted O’Shea Plumbing.

Adam arrived on site to have a chat with Angela who went through what she wanted and provided an end goal.  Angela wanted to get the stormwater drains checked to make sure this is not the cause of water damage to certain sections of the property.

Andrew came out to find that the drains were significantly blocked and did not allow any water to go through to the legal point of discharge but back flowed out of the downpipes damaging the building structure and staining sections of walls.

Andrew discussed the options with Angela, who decided that she would prefer to do a spot repair, meaning that we would dig up the ground around the immediate blockage/damage of the drain and replace this section of the drain. Angela wanted to go down this line as she wanted to get a new section of roof installed after these works.

Angela was happy with the works carried out and asked Andrew if he could quote the new roof. Andrew was honest with Angela and said that he would prefer if Adam who is the roof master of O’Shea Plumbing to attend and discuss organising the roof repairs to Angela’s requirements.

Adam and Angela met again where Adam organised a quote to repair and update the roof. Adam discussed all manner of details from which colour the client wanted, which material/look the client wanted and if any lights could be added to improve the mood of the spa cover area. Angela also wanted a fan installed, as well as new doors and a window.

Adam organised everything from the carpenter to an electrician on top of the plumbing/roofing materials. Adam ran the job meeting other trades on site and managed the other O’Shea Plumbing roofing team to do the job exactly how he and Angela wanted.

This job has now been completed and the new Pergola looks amazing and has new self-cleaning box gutters connected up to the improved stormwater drain. Angela can now use this area in summer where it used to be too sunny and hot.

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