Glen Iris Plumbing Services

In this next case study, ‘Andrew’ (one of O’Shea Plumbing’s plumbers from our Mount Waverley office VIC) responded to a call from ‘Gary’. Gary hailed from Glen Iris VIC and he was worried about a possible gas leak in his house.


Upon arrival, Andrew had a chat with Gary about why he thought this might be an issue. A neighbour had mentioned to him that there was a smell of gas coming from his side of the fence. The neighbour had encountered this more than once and this had instigated Gary’s cause for concern.


Gary had a quote from another company to renew the gas line. Before Andrew went about completing his quote, he decided to do some investigation to see if the leak was in ‘min run’ or in the ‘gas isolation valves’ to the gas units.


Andrew turned off all isolation valves and went about pressure testing the existing gas line. The pressure held, so he went and turned all isolation valves back on. He completed the pressure test again once again. Lo and behold, it held. This left only one possibility as a cause of the problem: the leak was at the gas meter itself.


Andrew informed Gary that he should contact his gas supplier to come and check the meter. This was because the meter most likely had a fault and this presented a significant issue. This saved Gary’s pocket quite considerably.


Not only did he no longer need to renew his gas line, but payment for plumbing now became the responsibility of his gas company. Thanks to O’Shea Plumbing, Gary had proof that his pipes were in good working order and could put the onus squarely where it was due.


At O’Shea Plumbing, we go beyond our core aspiration to deliver professional workmanship. We also provide professional advice to every client. This provides the best experience and the most astute solutions for anyone who requires our services.