Plumber Wantirna South

This next case study involves O’Shea Plumbing assisting with a retiree from Glen Waverley, VIC and her daughter ‘Elizabeth’ (who is her caretaker).‘Tereza’, is an elderly lady who experiences some health problems. Her daughter was looking after her house and had noticed a small pool of water starting to form on the driveway and concrete path leading up the side of the property.


It was one Sunday in April when Elizabeth first contacted the O’Shea Plumbing main office in Mount Waverley, VIC. Our team promptly dispatched our plumber ‘Andrew’ to assess the situation. Upon arrival, Elizabeth met Andrew out the front of her house and turned the water meter back on.


Within two minutes, water had started to sweep through the cracks in concrete and has started flowing to the nearby stairs. It was also going into the back yard as well as starting to pool along the side of the house. Naturally, this did not sit well with Elizabeth (she did not want her mother to come home from the hospital to find a new ‘water feature’ in her front yard)!


Andrew suggested that he perform an initial investigation to locate the split in the water pipe.  Once that was approved, Andrew crawled under the house and found that water was also dripping in this spot.


Andrew provided further options. The first one was further investigation using pipe and water leak detection equipment, in an attempt to find the split and fix it. This would be a good option if the split was in the soil outside. The second option was to organise a renewal of a section of the water pipe, bypassing the leak to stop this from happening again in the future.


Elizabeth gave the go-ahead to bypass the leak. Andrew organised a digger (from RMR Plant Hire in Bayswater, VIC ). He also engaged ‘Claude’ (our concrete cutter from Keysborough, VIC) to make a perfect hole in the brickwork and cut out a thick section of concrete.


The ensuing work was completed in just a couple of days. This was just in time before Elizabeth’s mother was scheduled to return home! The only way that Tereza could possibly notice that there were works done was via a thin section of concrete cut out and backfilled with ‘quarter minus’ (and a thin section of grass that had been dug up).


Needless to say, the forward-thinking and diligence our team displayed in this scenario avoided a whole lot of potential stress for Tereza. Elizabeth was extremely grateful for the prompt service that O’Shea Plumbing delivered. It’s just one example of where we put the real-life concerns of people first. That’s the O’Shea Plumbing way.