The spring is currently in full swing and for many homeowners, it is time to get the trusty, old barbecue back into action. There’s nothing quite like a garden cookout with friends and family, so make the most of the fine weather and show off your grilling skills. At O’Shea Plumbing, we think barbies are a great way to enjoy the sun, as long as they’re used in the right way.

This is especially important for butane and propane gas barbecues, which can be very dangerous without the proper level of precaution. They’re pretty easy to use and you don’t have to have any special expertise, but you do need to follow the instructions in the manual and avoid taking any unnecessary risks while lighting and cooking.

To help you stay safe at your backyard cookouts, we’ve put together this simple guide to using your gas barbecue safely. 

Get Outdoor Kitchens Professionally Fitted

There are all kinds of different gas barbecue designs. Some are portable and can be moved around on wheels. These are usually powered by disposable gas canisters. Or, there are fully integrated fitted designs that turn the garden into a makeshift ‘outdoor kitchen.’ These are commonly built into a wall or enclosure, where the grill snugly sits. They need to be hooked up to the gas mains by a professional installer. You can check out our gas fitting services for information on how we do this.  

Cook in a Well Ventilated Area

The best place to set up your barbecue is on a deck or patio, but not too close to the house. Make sure that the ground is flat and the barbecue doesn’t rock or tilt. There should sufficient space for air to circulate around the structure so that gas leaks are dispersed and rendered inert as quickly as possible. Click here for advice on what to do if you suspect that your fitted barbecue has a gas leak.  

Light the Barbecue Safely

Lighting propane and butane barbecues isn’t a difficult task, but you should stick to the same key steps every time. The first is to check that all of the burners and rings are turned off. Then, open the lid to get air flowing and eliminate any gas vapours that might have built up inside. Open the gas cylinder valve slowly to start the flow. If you’re using disposable gas bottles, don’t forget to open the service valve before you turn on the controls. Finally, start the ignition source and open up the burner controls closest to it. It is very important that you light each, in sequence, and that you end with the burner furthest away.

Keep a Close Eye on the Grill

Now, the hard part really begins. You’ve got to satisfy a garden full of hungry mouths and make sure that your steaks and burgers are cooked to perfection. You don’t have much to worry about regards safety at this point, as long as you keep a close eye on the barbecue and ensure that children stay at a distance. You can close the lid once the gas has been burning for a short while and the grill has heated up, but remember not to leave it burning unattended.

Why Professional Installation is Necessary 

Unless you’re a plumber of a gas fitter by trade, it really isn’t safe for you to tamper with the gas mains and try to install a fitted barbecue without professional help. Fortunately, our team of experts aren’t just big barbecue lovers, they are great at installing them too. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us you know what you need to get the summer started in style.