Plumber Scoresby

Terri has called upon and relied on the expertise of the O’Shea Plumbing team for many years. Lawrie the owner and manager of O’Shea Plumbing has built trust up with Terri over these years through providing her with expert advice and premium workmanship. On this occasion, Terri asked if Lawrie could come over and have a look at an issue where water was entering garage when it rained but with no way for it to drain out of the garage.

Andrew and Lawrie arrived and had a look at reasons as to why and where water could be entering the garage. They came up with some ideas to remove any water that entered the garage and also an idea to attempt to stop the flooding from occurring in the first place.

Lawrie and Andrew worked on the quote and provided options to not only do the required works but options that would make Terri’s plumbing better in general. 

The works that O’Shea Plumbing completed for Terri on this occasion were as follows:

  1. Cut a section of the concrete garage and installed a grate drain to catch any water that entered the garage.
  2. The grate drain would then run to a stormwater pit outside the garage door, which was newly installed by O’Shea Plumbing.
  3. A little more concrete was cut out so Andrew could connect the new pit up to the existing stormwater drain.
  4. And finally, pressure control was installed on a water meter as well as on the Hot Water Unit to control the water pressure and protect the pipes and fixtures from excessive pressure. As well as changing over the very old Pressure Temperature Relief Valve.

The reason why Terri trust O’Shea Plumbing is that Lawrie and Andrew did a thorough investigation and multiple visits to make sure that the investment Terri was making was going to be the right solution.

Andrew and Lawrie in their multiple visits checked the existing stormwater pit and made sure the pump was in good working order, cleared the very large existing stormwater pit of any dirt/silt which could potentially block the pump. They used the drain camera to inspect the quality of the drain they proposed to connect up to, and that there were no blocked drains that were the cause of the problem. The two plumbers looked at different types of grate drains to choose the most ideal one for this situation.

Not only were they involved in the plumbing side, but they also spoke with our trusted concretor – Enzo – to make sure he could re-lay the new section of concrete with reinforced steel to make it stronger. They also asked Enzo to make sure that there was a slight fall on either side of the drain so as if water was to enter again that it would simply run into the new grate drain and then through the stormwater system.

“It would have never have looked like there had been major works done in my garage” – Besides the brand new drains, Terri was amazed that after all the works were complete she could hardly tell that O’Shea Plumbing had been in her garage, as Andrew made sure that the place was left in an immaculate condition.

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