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Karl from Malvern rang and spoke to Lawrie at the O’Shea Plumbing office in Mount Waverley, his hot water heater had unfortunately stopped working. Lawrie arranged to visit Karl at his house the next morning. 

Lawrie arrived the next morning and upon inspection confirmed that Karl’s water heater was indeed on its last legs and likely needed to be replaced with a new one. Lawrie gave Karl a number of quote options ranging from a brand new Rinnai Infinity heater to servicing and repairing the old water heater. Karl decided to go ahead with a new Aquamax 390 water heater.Hot Water Heater O'Shea Plumbing

Andrew and Dani (O’Shea Plumber and Apprentice) arrived shortly after with materials to commence the installation. As the old hot water heater had been installed too close to an internal corner, the new unit had to be relocated to another suitable location and a tempering valve fitted. The gas installation was pressure tested for gas leaks from the meter, tees were cut into the nearby hot, cold and gas pipes and all the connections to the new unit were completed and the pipes to the old unit were capped off.

To finish off and guarantee their work, Andrew and Dani gas pressure tested the system again and the new hot water unit was commissioned. The commissioning included adjusting the tempering valve so that the water to the nearest bathroom did not exceed 50° Celcius. A tempering valve helps to prevent scalding by blending the 60°C+ water from the hot water system with cold water to reduce the heat of the water being delivered to the taps to a far safer temperature.

Within a day of his call, Karl and his family had a brand new Aquamax hot water system up and operating. Karl sent an email shortly after saying how pleased he was and to say thank you to Andrew and Dani for their hard work. Karl also left O’Shea Plumbing a positive 5-star review on both Google and Product Review for other potential clients to read.

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