Rinnai Infinity Hot Water Unit

O’Shea Plumbing has employed a dedicated gas technician to focus on servicing and gas appliance issues, someone who has a good wealth of knowledge and skill in the more complex side of gas works.

Generally, a typical gas storage hot water unit’s average lifespan is approximately 15 years. This is an estimate based on the owner maintaining the appliance in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations which is vital to achieve hot water system longevity.  The manufacturer’s recommendations may include:

  • Pulling the pressure-temperature relief valve (PTR valve)
  • Servicing the unit every 5 years by a qualified gas plumber
  • Change the anode in the cylinder every 5 years
  • Control the water pressure going into the unit, and for the best results
  • Install a cold water expansion valve (essentially reduces the pressure build-up in the cylinder from 1400KPA to approximately 850KPA)

Doing this and caring for your hot water unit (HWU) can give your HWU the longest life possible.

There are other factors that come into play, but this is often out of the control of the owner; things like the hardness of the water could also have a lot to do with the longevity of the HWU.  In general, Melbourne residents have some of the world’s best and cleanest drinking water, which is the same water used in our HWU as well as the water most of us use to flush toilets. Yes, our toilet water is cleaner than most of the world’s drinking water.

O’Shea Plumbing is more than happy to come to your home at no cost to discuss your HWU, provide fixed price options on maintenance plans, and answer any questions on unit upgrades as there are many types of HWUs available these days – all with different pros and cons.

Some other appliances that O’Shea Plumbing can discuss servicing are gas heaters, these generally last longer than your standard HWU, and you can extend their operational life if serviced every 5 years by a qualified gas plumber.

There are some interesting rules related to decorative log heaters and our gas plumber is skilled in this area as well. Duncan can service the unit as well as fault-find any issues with faulty appliances.

The difference between a good gas service plumber and a plumber is:

  • A good gas service plumber can provide options on repair/replacement and educate you as a non-plumber on the best options to suit your life.
  • Explain the risks of servicing an older style unit as opposed to replacing it.

If you would like Duncan from O’Shea Plumbing to visit for an obligation-free conversation, please call the office on 9888 2887.