plumber mount waverley

As his hot water unit has stopped working, ‘Kevin’ from Mount Waverley VIC reached out to our team at O’Shea Plumbing for assistance. Our Service Manager ‘Jarrett’ called around to Kevin’s property to investigate this issue, that very same afternoon.


Jarrett provided Kevin with various alternative solutions in fixing the problem. These ranged  from repairing the existing unit, to supplying and installing brand new units. Kevin opted for an install of a new Aquamax 390 hot water unit.


The new hot water service was ordered from ‘The Plumbers Supplies Coop’ in Mitcham VIC. Unfortunately, when ‘Andrew’ (one of our plumbers here at O’Shea Plumbing) pressure tested the gas installation (as we always do before and after any gas installation/repair work) he found that there was a major gas leak.


Andrew proceeded to complete the hot water installation but he could not complete the job until the gas leak was found and fixed. After disconnecting the gas appliances and re testing, the gas leak was located on the gas pipes. The next step was to separate sections of gas piping. The gas pipe that was leading to an outside kitchen and BBQ was disconnected. A second gas test was performed. This time the gas installation proved to be sound.


At this point, all of the gas appliances were reconnected. One more gas test was carried out for good measure and this proved the installation to be 100 percent sound. Kevin’s hot water could now be commissioned.


It was evident that Kevin was pleased to have his hot water going again. He benefited from the assurance that his gas installation was now completely sound. Kevin left O’Shea Plumbing a great review on Google, and that’s a result we always strive to attain!