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Anyone who has lost hot water in their house will know how hard this can be. Whether the unit simply needs relighting, or the cylinder has burst. Sometimes the unit can leak through a drain on the side of the unit referred to as a pressure-temperature relief valve (PTR valve) this is a design in the system and does not necessarily mean that the unit needs replacing.

There are many shapes and sizes of HWUs. Some people may still have a gravity-fed HWU sitting in their roof spaces. These are becoming less frequent as the technology has improved greatly and the gravity-fed HWU has become inefficient and trickier to install. These are found in the roof space and use gravity to provide water to the taps often resulting in poor pressure and excessive heat – so hot that these have caused burns to people.

There are solar units with gas boosters, and standalone gas storage units, which as you assume will store hot water for later use. There is gas continuous flow HWU, again continuous hot water, and electric storage units which require a plumber and an electrician. There is electric continuous flow HWU, but these tend to be small and service one or two fixtures or for a full home require 3-phase power which is uncommon. The newest kid on the block and most efficient HWU on the market is a Heat Pump which uses the outside air to help heat the water and then connects to the house power supply, if the client has solar panels installed this may mean the hot water will be heated for free.

The best way to keep your existing HWU working efficiently and promote longevity is to protect the unit from excess high-water pressure and reduce the pressure that builds up in the cylinder when heating. The number one best way to protect your HWU is to get it serviced every 5 years, pulling the PTR lever every 6 months to flush any silt/muck from the cylinder which reduces the chance of rust occurring.

The Oshea Plumbing team are very knowledgeable about HWUs and can provide options ranging from repairs, servicing or replacement and are happy to discuss the pros and cons of each unit.  If this is something that you would like to discuss, please contact the Oshea Plumbing office on 9888 2887 or jump on the Oshea Plumbing website to book an obligation-free quote at no cost to you.