Gas Leak Plumber Melbourne

Because natural gas is lighter than air, it dissipates quickly into the atmosphere in the event of a leak. However, you should still report all gas leaks in Melbourne, as gas may build up in confined spaces and create a potentially dangerous situation. This is the opposite for LPG gas which is heavier than air. This makes LPG more dangerous than natural gas. 


What to do if you smell gas

If you smell gas in the street or on your property leading up to where the gas meter is located, you should call your gas company (the phone number is usually on the top of your gas bill) immediately to locate and repair the leak. If however, you believe the leak to be after the meter on a section of pipework connecting your appliances, or on the appliance itself, you should contact O’Shea Plumbing to rectify the problem. Remember, any person undertaking work involving gas must be appropriately licensed.


Inside your home

If you smell gas inside your building or home:

  • Turn off all appliances and pilot lights
  • Turn off your supply at the gas meter  
  • Open all doors and windows for ventilation
  • Contact O’Shea Plumbing to locate, repair the leak and relight appliances.



  • Do not look for a gas leak with a naked flame or other ignition source
  • Do not operate electrical equipment close to a gas leak
  • Don’t turn on or switch off any lights, use a telephone, or use a flashlight, at the risk of causing a spark that could start a gas fire
  • Don’t smoke, light matches, or use a cigarette lighter inside or while on the property.


Inhalation of Natural Gas 

A natural gas leak in an outdoor environment is usually not concentrated enough to cause symptoms. A leak into a small-enclosed space can result in a lack of oxygen in the air and symptoms of hypoxia. These include headache, decreased vision, fatigue, shortness of breath and loss of consciousness.


At O’Shea Plumbing, we offer emergency plumber Melbourne services. We guarantee quick and reliable service and can help you solve your gas leak issues in no time. All you need to do is contact us on 03 9888 2887.