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O’Shea Plumbing fix a water leak and blocked drain on a Lilydale property

Ankit from Lilydale called the O’Shea Plumbing office in regards to a water leak and suspected blockage for his father. The office organised Andrew to go around and see what is going on at the property.

Upon arrival and after initial introductions Andrew went under the house to investigate the problem. He quickly found that he could hear a water leak although could not see it. Andrew measured how far in this was located and went the same distance outside. Scooping out a small amount of dirt with his hands he found that water was bubbling from the ground. Andrew also noticed that the stormwater drain had water in it (filled) and was not draining out into the street.

Andrew organised a quote separating the two required tasks as well as presenting a package deal to Ankit which greatly reduced the total costs. Ankit and his father approved the works and booked in for the following morning.

Andrew arrived at the organised time and went to work opening up the ground to find that the copper pipe had a slight crack in it allowing the water to escape the pipe making the area wet. This section was replaced and the leak stopped.

The drain camera was used to find that there was a dense root ball that the camera could not get through, however, the water jet made light work of this root ball. Once this was cleared the drain camera was used again to find another section of the drain in a much worse state. There was a large root ball that had completely blocked the drain. The large head on the water jet could not get through this root ball so a small head was used/worked in this area to create a small hole in the middle of the roots. Once the small hole had been created, the large head was put back on the jet and Andrew worked this area for some time. Eventually, the roots gave up and came flowing out of the drain as well as the water which was stuck in the drain.

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Andrew used the drain camera again to show the client the finished job. Unfortunately, there were some low spots that would likely cause issues in the future. Andrew had a conversation with the client about these potential problem areas and options were verbally given. The client and Andrew decided that it may be best to wait and see how this goes as clearing the drain may extend the life of said drain.

Andrew also spoke with the owner of the property (Ankit’s father) and talked about other general plumbing throughout the house. There was no quote given, simply some advice and a professional eye to look over things that the client may not have known about. High-quality workmanship and good, honest conversations with our clients is what sets O’Shea Plumbing apart and delivers the 5-star service promised.


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