Bentleigh Plumbing

Not too long ago, ‘Greg’ from Malvern VIC called our O’Shea Plumbing base (in Mt Waverley VIC). His 20yr old hot water unit (HWU) had finally stopped working and he was needing a replacement.


Our plumbers Lawrie and Haider arrived on-site and provide some options in installing a new unit. Lawrie also noticed that the gas pipes in Gary’s property weren’t ideal. They might not be the correct size, so he informed Greg that it might be necessary for them to be upgraded. 


Lawrie organised a quote for the install of the new HWU, and he also included a test to see if there was enough gas flow and upgrade the gas pipe, only if needed. Whilst Lawrie was looking at the gas pipes Haider measured the water pressure. This was found to be very high. 


Subsequently, Greg was advised and given options in order to reduce the pressure from the outlet of the water meter. This would involve protecting all water fixtures as well as installing a cold water expansion valve at the HWU (which reduces the build-up pressure of the system).


Once Lawrie ordered the HWU and materials required from the ‘Plumbers Coop’ in Mitcham VIC (who delivered to site), Andrew and Haider continued with the job. The appropriate gas tests were complete. 


Then, the HWU and pressure control (including cold water expansion valve) were installed. A test was done to make sure there was enough gas flow. Luckily, the results showed that there was enough gas being provided to all gas appliance. This meant that the client did not need to upsize the gas pipes. We will always make sure to thoroughly check if something really needs fixing. 


Greg was very happy with O’Shea Plumbing’s level of professionalism and the comprehensive scope of the options provided to him. He was pleased that Lawrie took the time to advise him on what potential problems may occur, not just the ‘bare bones’ solutions but the entire holistic approach to plumbing services.