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Jane and her family could tolerate the sound of water hammer in their property no longer! One morning, Jane notified O’Shea Plumbing (at our Mount Waverley VIC main office) and asked if they could please send a plumber out to investigate the water hammer. This atrocious noise had been waking up the family whenever a tap was used.


Andrew arrived that afternoon and introduced himself. Jane asked if he would like to come in and listen to the sound himself. Andrew said he would but would like to measure the water pressure first. Unsurprisingly, the levels were found to be high — the water pressure measured 900KPA (which is a lot higher than what is recommended by the VBA).


Andrew advised Jane about the situation with the water pressure and that it was more than likely the cause of the water hammer. Andrew offered Jane some options, suggesting some different pressure reduction valves to be installed at the water meter. 


Once Jane approved the works, Andrew went straight to the water meter and installed an AVG pressure reduction valve. This was supplied by the ‘Plumbers CoOp’ in Mitcham VIC. He asked if Jane could let him know if that fixed her issue.


Jane woke up the next day feeling a huge amount of relief with no noise from the water hammer waking her throughout the night. She left a lovely review on online review site ‘Product Review’


She wrote “…this is the second time we have used O’Shea Plumbing at our home. Andrew was punctual, friendly and very professional. He fixed our water hammer problem quickly and efficiently. We are happy to recommend O’Shea Plumbing to others and would not hesitate to employ their services in the future.” 


That’s exactly the type of result we work hard to achieve at O’Shea Plumbing!