Rinnai Infinity Hot Water Unit

Rachel from Mitcham called O’Shea plumbing after her hot water service had failed. Rachel had tried relighting it with some success but later the unit had gone out again.

Adam (O’Shea Plumber) was then sent to the property to investigate. After he arrived, Adam set the agenda for how the service call would go to eliminate any stresses or concerns Rachel may have had and to reassure her we were there to help.

Rachel showed Adam the hot water storage tank that had failed. After inspection of the unit, Adam gave many options to Rachel – ranging from attempting to relight, changing valves to a brand new storage tank – and explained to her the pros and cons of each. 

Adam asked Rachel about her living conditions regarding the house they were in. Rachel and her partner are a young couple that was looking at starting a family in the near future. They planned on staying in their current house for a very long time which signalled to Adam that they would need an option that would last. 

After presenting all of the options to fix their hot water issue, Adam suggested a Rinnai Infinity continuous flow. At that moment Rachel’s eyes lit up as she had been previously keen on them. Adam explained all the benefits of a continuous flow unit compared to storage tanks. Adam answered all of the client’s questions and concerns regarding the pros and cons of having a storage tank compare to continuous flow units. With all of their worries eased, Rachel and her partner were sold on installing a brand unit Rinnai Infinity continuous flow unit. Adam explained how he would run a new gas line to feed the Rinnai and the materials he’d be using.

A couple of days later, Adam started works. First, the existing storage tank was drained and taken away. The new Rinnai was then hung on the wall in its place. An electrician was organised by Adam to install a new powerpoint, the new gas line was run exposed along the blind side of the house and water connections were made to the new unit. The gas line was tested and the unit fully commissioned. 

Rachel and her partner were really excited to have an amazing new product in their house that would work efficiently for the long term. Rachel was so happy with the new hot water service that she wrote Adam and O’Shea Plumbing a glowing 5-star review on Google.

Rachel wrote: 

“We had Adam from O’Shea Plumbing come earlier this week when we discovered our hot water tank had stopped working. After a thorough inspection, he suggested that the best option would be to replace it with a new gas hot water system,  after which he drew up a number of detailed quotes based on all of our different options, walked me through each one and listed the pros and cons of each. I sometimes would worry when getting a tradie in that because I don’t know much about whatever needs fixing, I’d be easy to take advantage of, but Adam was so kind and honest, extremely straightforward, and constantly encouraged me to choose the option that worked the best for me personally.

Today he came back to install the new system we chose, and we couldn’t be happier with the service he provided us! Thanks heaps to Adam and to the rest of the team at O’Shea. I’m really impressed by the level of professionalism and commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction. I’ll definitely be recommending you guys in the future.”

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