Toilet Plumbers Mount Waverley

This next case study involves ‘Rosemary’ from Mount Waverley VIC. When she called our main O’Shea Plumbing office she reached our friendly administrator Kelly-Anne. Rosemary alerted Kelly-Anne to the fact she was having problems with the cisterns of both the toilets in her home.


Kelly-Anne acted promptly and later that day our plumber ‘Benjamin visited’ Rosemary’s home. He had a look at both cisterns. He suggested (that due to the age of the cisterns that a replacement) that a brand new system was the best option. However, Rosemary was also given the option of installing new toilet pans.


Rosemary chose to proceed with the complete installation of two new toilet suites. The O’Shea Plumbing team called our supplier ‘The Plumbers Supply Co-op’ in Mitcham VIC. They confirmed that the required toilet suites were in stock. Therefore, the job was booked to be completed only a few days later.


Benjamin and our apprentice ‘Alan’ installed both toilet suites for Rosemary. She was so pleased with the installations that she left a 5-star review on the website ‘Product Review’.