Plumber Balwyn North

Don from Mulgrave called O’Shea Plumbing as they were concerned about a gas leak in their kitchen. Lawrie (director of O’Shea) and Dani (an O’Shea apprentice plumber) quickly arrived at the property to attend to the matter.

Lawrie and Dani gave Don a few options to rectify the gas leak, but the option to renew the entire gas line was the best solution as Don was advised by the two plumbers. He gladly accepted the works to proceed with the renewal of his gas line service.

Lawrie set the job up for Dani and Adam (an O’Shea plumber) to renew the gas line. Lawrie and Adam discussed with Don the options on how would be most suitable to run the gas line, as the pipework would be visibly exposed around the back of the house in the outdoor area. The installation would need to not just be done correctly but also look presentable as this was an area of the house that was frequently used.

When works started, Dani and Adam first set down a blanket on the deck to protect the boards whilst placing all their tools on it. Before any gasfitting started, the first part of the job was to dig a small trench from the gas meter to the house. In doing this, Adam advised Dani to use a rake to pull back all the bark before they started to dig. The raked bark would allow for an easy backfill and the garden would go back to exactly how it looked before.

Adam and Dani proceed to run the new 40mm gas line underground from the meter across to the back left of the house. They did this in a nice straight line weaving in and around surrounding downpipes, internal and external corners to finish at the main line at the existing gas heater.

The next day the client was given notice that the gas would be off for a few hours whilst Adam and Dani had to cut the existing appliances into the new gas line. Not long after, the gas was on for testing. Testing was conducted by turning off and then opening the gas lines allowing all appliances to be tested, checking for efficiency and gas leaks. So far, all was going well for the client. Soon after, Jarrett (O’Shea’s service manager) arrived to diagnose and test the existing gas heater for CO emissions and to the customers delight it was all safe.

During the works for Don – and to all our clients – we strive to ensure the customer feels very safe and relaxed whilst having team members on sites. Any questions or concerns are always welcomed by our staff at any time. Don was a pleasure to do business with and we look forward to helping with any future plumbing projects.

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