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At O’Shea Plumbing you can get in contact with a staff member any day of the year. We have full-time employees who take turns being on call, meaning that we can care for the people of Melbourne and their plumbing any day of the year. If jobs proceed on the weekend there is no extra weekend rate that is applied.

Heiko rang, concerned that there was water spilling from their gas storage Hot Water Unit (HWU) on a Sunday morning. Anne, who is one of the O’Shea Plumbing admin staff answered the phone and booked in the plumber Chris to attend Heiko’s home that day.

Chris had a few other jobs before, so he arrived around midday. Chris introduced himself and O’Shea Plumbing and asked to have a look at the existing storage HWU only to find the cylinder had split, which unfortunately means that it wouldn’t be a basic repair, but a replacement was required.

After a brief conversation with the client, it was also found that Heiko wanted to get a plumber to advise on his existing gas-ducted heater.
Chris also inspected the heater and provided an obligation-free quote for three different types of HWUs (not including the option to upgrade to a continuous) as well as options to replace or service the ducted heater.

Heiko asked when this work could start so Chris rang the office and confirmed that we could have a plumber back on site at 8 am the following morning with all materials being delivered.

The installing plumber arrived just before 8am the next day and performed the required safety checks on the system, drained and removed the unit from the wall. Duncan and Dusko (the plumbers) installed the new 170L Vulcan HWU and serviced the existing ducted heater.

What this means is that Heiko and his family were without HWU for just over 24 hours, called in on a Sunday morning and repaired the following morning.

Having admin and plumbers on call over the weekend is vital so that when plumbing issues arise on a weekend or public holiday, we can minimise the stress and length of time with a faulty plumbing item.  If you ever experience a plumbing fault on a weekend, don’t hesitate to contact the O’Shea Plumbing office on 9888 2887 for assistance.