Plumber Carnegie - Washing Machine Installation

Mel in Carnegie had just moved into a brand new apartment she had purchased off the plans. When she went to connect her washing machine, she found that there were no connection points for the water supply, and no drain for the washing machine to discharge into. Mel decided she needed a plumber to come and have a look at what would be needed to properly install her washing machine, so she called O’Shea Plumbing in Mount Waverley to send someone out.

O’Shea plumber Jeremy arrived the next day to see what he could do to help Mel. He started by checking what connections were available under the laundry trough. Unfortunately, the builder had only installed a washing machine connection point on the hot water outlet under the sink, so he would have to tee off the cold water point to allow for connections to the washing machine and laundry tap. As for the drain, it’s a common misconception that washing machines drains can be connected to the dishwasher connector on the drain traps underneath sinks, but the size of the hole is too small and can cause the washing machine pumps to eventually burn out from trying to discharge through the small opening. Jeremy would have to install a double bowl connector under the sink for the washing machine to discharge properly. 

Mel asked Jeremy why the builder wouldn’t have had these connections already installed. To which his answer was – unfortunately, some builders try to cut costs where they can, so these are the kind of issues people should look out for when buying off the plan. There is a period of time before settlement when buyers can request alterations such as washing machine connection points, but once the property has been handed over it is usually quite difficult to have the builder make changes.

Mel still needed to have her washing machine installed so she gave Jeremy the go-ahead to do the work. Jeremy made the necessary alterations to the water points and drain, and then installed the washing machine itself. He then checked all of the new connections to make sure there were no water leaks. Mel finally had her washing machine installed and connected properly and was very happy with Jeremy’s work. Another satisfied customer for O’Shea Plumbing!

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