Emergency Plumber Chadstone

Unfortunately, while ‘Supis’ was at work one day one of her water taps decided to snap off and start to flood in the upstairs bathroom. By the time Supis arrived home, the flooding had spilled out of the bathroom and had collapsed entire the roof of the bottom floor, soaked all of the carpets and most of the electrical fixtures!


Luckily, no job is too difficult for the team at O’Shea Plumbing. Supis needed to acquire a plumber’s report. This would detail what had occurred and seek to identify the potential factors in the source of the problem.


Our plumber ‘Andrew’ (from our O’Shea Plumbing Mount Waverley VIC office) started on the job by completing pressure tests. He then made sure that the fixture had a watermark (all water taps used in Australia have to adhere to this standard). A full inspection of the broken fixture was conducted.


Whilst Andrew was on site he asked Supis if she was happy with the rest of her plumbing. Also, he took the initiative to look at other fixtures in her property, in order to ascertain potential further damage. This included ‘flexi hoses’, taps etc.


Andrew found that both garden taps on the property were very old, leaking and stiff. Supis agreed that Andrew should change over these taps. All material was purchased from the Plumbers Coop in Mitcham VIC.  Of course, this was in addition to her initial request to complete the plumber’s reports to give to her insurance company.


So, all-in-all a very successful day and Supis was left feeling assured and happy with all the plumbing in her home. At O’Shea Plumbing, keeping our clients happy is always what matters most.