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Sometimes the crew at O’Shea plumbing can achieve results in next to no time at all. Here we have a case study that is short and snappy, but no less successful. It involves ‘Esma’ (who exclusively use O’Shea Plumbing for all her plumbing needs).

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Esma rang O’Shea Plumbing late one afternoon, as she flushed her toilet which then threatened to overflow from the pan and onto the floor. She was concerned as she had flushed the toilet earlier in the day with no problems.

Luckily, Andrew (an O’Shea Plumber) had just finished a job around the corner and became free to have a look at the issue. Upon arrival, Andrew informed Esma of how O’Shea Plumbing work and what to expect from this service call. She agreed and Andrew went ahead to investigate the toilet.

Upon inspection, Andrew noticed that the water was still sitting very high in the toilet bowl and no waste was coming out from any overflow relief gullies outside, suggesting that there was a drain blockage closeby. Once Andrew had identified the issue he gave Esma options to make an attempt to clear the blocked drain

Esma chose the first option and gave permission for Andrew to start work. Esma’s first option included using a plunging tool to remove the blockage, unfortunately this option did not go to plan as air was escaping from the pipe not allowing the full effect of the plunge to work. Andrew temporarily paused what he was doing to went to speak to Esma again about other options. After this discussion, they decided to pursue one of the other options.

Andrew got back to work, this time using his drain cable machine from the inspection opening located outside, behind the toilet. Within a short time of using the cable machine, Andrew saw the remaining water left in the drain very quickly dissipate down the drain. To make sure the job was done, Andrew cleared the drain a distance of 9 metres.

To ensure the drain was completely cleared of blockages, Andrew ran his Ridgid drain camera down the drain to the South East Water connection point to prove that there were no other faults or blockages. Andrew was very happy to tell Esma that her sewer was back in working condition again and that she wouldn’t have to worry about a possible toilet overflow.

If you’re curious about how O’Shea Plumbing clear drain blockages, check out our blog How Do Plumbers Unblock Drains? Or read some of our other client case studies on our blog.

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