Oshea plumbing Mount Waverley

Harry from Clarinda was renovating his ex-partner’s house (and doing a wonderful job might we add!). The next stage of the renovation was to remove a wall to make the kitchen bigger and allow for a new larger pantry, however, there was an old wall furnace in the way of these works.

The wall furnace was old and had not been used in years due to the potential risks they present. Harry wanted this safely removed as it is electrically hard-wired as well as plumbed into the gas with a flue penetrating through the roof. He called O’Shea Plumbing to get the job done.

Andrew (an O’Shea Plumber) arrived the morning after Harry’s initial call and provided home options to remove the furnace including conducting gas pressure tests before and after works, making a flashing for the roof to protect from the elements as well as organising a licensed electrician to make the electrical side of things safe. The original quote Andrew presented also included a plasterer to patch up the wall which the heater sat in, but this was dropped from the quote as Harry wanted to knock the walls down anyway.

Harry agreed to the quote and wanted the job completed as soon as possible. Andrew went out to his van and spoke to the electrician who was able to come over the next morning, Andrew went and informed Harry who was very pleased as he had other companies say that they will not be able to come out and have a look for at least a week.

The next day Andrew and Daniel from DMC Electrical arrived on site and removed the furnace heater, making sure that the gas and electrics were safe. After removing the furnace, Andrew climbed onto the roof and installed a flashing that would stop any water from entering the building. 

Andrew completed his final check to guarantee his work and let Harry know the works were completed. Harry was over the moon that the work was completed so soon after the initial phone call as he thought that this would not happen for some time. Great work Andrew!

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