Plumber Clayton

Recently, ‘Kerry’ from Clayton VIC called up our  O’Shea Plumbing main office in Mt Waverley VIC with a complaint of a strange sound happening when she flushed her toilet. Our plumber ‘Andrew’ arrived in order to provide her with a quote to fix the problem.


The investigation would involve checking water pressures, inlet and outlet valves on the toilet and feeling for vibrations on the wall near where the sound was coming from. Proceeding with this work, Andrew noticed that the inlet valve of the toilet was not functioning correctly. His course-of-action was to replace it.


He had intended for this approach to negate the issue and remove the subsequent noise (coming from the old inlet valve). Unfortunately, the noise was still present after Andrew completed this task. He didn’t hesitate to call for back up (the beauty about O’Shea Plumbing is that is a medium-sized company and that the team really work well together at all times when required).


Our boss ‘Lawrie’ stepped in to lend a hand. He continued to investigate the strange noise that was occurring (at no extra charge). Lawrie queried the client in order to get some more details about what was occurring. Lawrie found out that there used to be a shower in the toilet room. This had been removed a while ago.


Lawrie found the drain and trap (which was covered with boxes and other household knick-knacks) and put water down to sit in the trap of the old shower. Lo and behold! When the toilet flushed again there was no noise. What had happened was that the shower trap had dried-up, and the noise was simply an echo coming back up the pipes when the toilet flushed.


When O’Shea Plumbing commits to a client the whole team is invested. We are all about helping people sort out their plumbing issues in the most prompt and practical fashion. That’s our promise to all of our valued clients.