Plumber hot water service

Ferny Creek VIC is a sleepy town located near the top of Mt Dandenong, in the Australian State of Victoria. People from the relatively nearby city of Melbourne may know this place as the ‘top of the 1000 stairs’. Damian and his wife have lived here for many years. Now that all their kids have moved out they enjoy a large amount of space for just the two of them. However, a few times a year their children and grandchildren visit and stay with them for various lengths of time.


Without the family visiting, they never run out of hot water. But, when they do have extra guests they must stagger the daily showers. Quite understandably, this makes it very hard for everyone to get ready for the day. This is where O’Shea Plumbing (of Wantirna VIC) comes into the picture. The team was on hand to provide several solutions. The first was to install a continuous flow hot water unit, which Damian thought would be a good option.


Our plumber ‘Andrew’ performed the necessary calculations in making sure enough gas was supplied to support a new continuous flow. It turned out that this would involve quite a large scale of work, as an upsizing of the gas pipe would be required. Also, the driveway was over 100m and the client did not want to go down this path.


Andrew suggested installing a second storage hot water unit (using much less gas). This would not require any upsizing of any pipework. The install was not going to be standard. This is because the client wanted the new hot water unit to be in continuous use only during those times when it was just Damian and his wife at the house. When there were additional visitors the idea was to divert the new unit to the upstairs part of the house, and for the older unit to service the downstairs part of the house.


This was achieved by connecting the new unit in a creative fashion. This new hot water unit was supplied by ‘The Plumbers Supplies Coop’ in Mitcham VIC and was fed into the hot water pipe to the downstairs pipework. It was also connected to the upstairs pipework with isolation valves to divert the water either upstairs, or both up and downstairs. Also, an isolation valve was fitted to the older hot water unit so that it could be connected to the plumbing (but isolated when not needed).


Damian and his wife were very happy about the end job. It met all of their expectations, as well as speeding up the delivery of hot water to their kitchen (as the new unit was installed much closer to the fixtures than the existing unit). This would not have been possible if our plumber did not take the time to understand the needs of his client and to work out the best possible way to achieve them. That’s just the way we do things at O’Shea Plumbing.