At O’Shea Plumbing we want people to have a good experience with our tradespeople – and, a ‘job done right’ – for the best possible plumbing solutions overall. Obviously, a lot of times this involves a individual’s or family’s place of residence (where they live, eat and sleep) so, it’s really important to rectify any issues with plumbing quickly and efficiently – as ongoing problems can really affect ‘quality of life’.


In this case, we assisted a gentleman by the name of Bill. Bill had purchased a property about 10 years ago and organised a builder to construct his dream family home in Hughesdale, VIC. What transpired is that Bill and his family noticed a damp smell coming from under the house (becoming increasingly apparent over time), causing black mould on windows and staining walls.


Over the years, Bill had tried hiring a number of tradespeople to sort out the issue. He also fought a lengthy legal battle in order to get his builder to take responsibility, and fix the problem permanently. Unfortunately, the builder involved foreclose and Bill was left to ‘foot the bill’ for the works. He and his family also had to deal with what was a very unwelcome inconvenience – smack back in the middle of their own home!


At this point, Bill wanted to source an independent review and advice on how to stop water from entering under his house, and to get a professional quote to renew the agricultural drain. Bill had trouble finding a plumber to start the process – as no one took the time to really understand the issue in depth!


Thankfully, the team O’Shea Plumbing are very good at listening. Having twice now ‘gone over with a fine-toothed-comb’ to give detailed quotes and professional suggestions to prevent wet areas under the house, we are now at the stage of sending these to Bill. This is so that he can finally finish off their dream house. It’s definitely a relief for Bill and his family, and we are more than happy to help!