In this next case study, the team at O’Shea Plumbing was called in to install the plumbing for some home improvement. ‘Karen’ and her husband from Mooroolbark VIC had purchased a beautiful new home and wanted to create a garden to complement their house.


They were just about to begin working on that when they realised that there were no taps near the front of their property! That would make keeping a garden alive a virtual impossibility. Their thoughts were “no point making a nice garden if it is just going to die from lack of watering”.


‘Andrew’ (one of our plumbers from our Wantirna VIC depot) arrived at the property 15 mins before he was required, in order to be prepared. He measured the water pressure on site and spoke with Karen and her husband in order to find out where they would like their new tap installed.


After a bit of thought, Karen advised Andrew that she wanted the tap in a certain spot. She also wanted it very low to the ground as they were experiencing some neighbourhood nuisance issues late at night. Karen did not want someone to walk past and turn their tap on. This had happened at nearby house a couple of times and meant that their neighbors had wasted a lot of water through no fault of their own.


Andrew suggested that they install an ‘anti-vandal’ garden tap. He went to the local ‘Reece’ outlet in Lilydale VIC to purchase these specialised fittings and appropriate polypropylene water pipe connections. Andrew installed the tap exactly where Karen wanted it. She was very happy in the knowledge that she could now sleep soundly, without worrying some delinquent could make her and her husband’s life that bit more difficult.


Andrew and the O’Shea Plumbing team always take the time to find out the complete background on plumbing issues and client expectations. In essence, they apply problem-solving and forward-thinking. The anti-vandal tap would not have been installed if our approach was to complete jobs in a routine and uncaring fashion.


We pride ourselves on ‘going above and beyond’. We are pretty sure that’s why our clients are so loyal and we get plenty of repeat business! At O’Shea Plumbing we provide the best possible advice on plumbing and practical solutions which suit the unique needs of our clients.