plumber south yarra

This next case study involves our client ‘Adam’ from South Yarra, VIC. Adam contacted O’Shea Plumbing HQ (our main office in Mt Waverley, VIC) when he noticed the smell of gas in his home. We received his call on a weekday (at around lunchtime) with the request for a plumber to come over – in order to investigate the gas pipes on his property.


Within two hours ‘Andrew’ (our plumber) was knocking on Adam’s front door to introduce himself and to set about testing the gas line on the property. After acquiring authorisation to start a gas test, Andrew performed a pressure test and concluded that there was a leak in existence somewhere on the pipe.


Andrew had to shut off the gas. This is a requirement by law (until a gas leak is found, capped or fixed). Andrew completed this and then went about isolating each gas appliance in Adam’s house – to determine whether the leak was coming from aforesaid appliances, or on the gas line.


Andrew discovered a loose connection to the hot water unit. He went about removing the isolation valve (to check that the flares in the copper pipe were in good repair). After affirming this, Andrew then installed a new isolation valve (that he purchased from the Reece store at Armadale,VIC ) and proceeded to test the gas line (once again). This time there was no pressure drop – this meant that the gas  leak had, indeed, been fixed.


Within only three hours of the initial call, Andrew had successfully found and fixed the gas leak. This meant that Adam and his family could once again rest easy, knowing that they are no longer at risk for gas inhalation and all the scary implications of that. Another job was well done by the team at O’Shea Plumbing.