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We assist Mitchell to solve the hot water issues in his Strathmore home

Mitchell woke up early for work, jumped in the shower and to his surprise found that there was no hot water coming out. Not what anyone wants to experience first thing on a cold morning!

Mitchell skipped his morning shower and spoke with the O’Shea Plumbing head office. He asked if a plumber could attend in the afternoon to have a look at the issue, so our friendly customer service team booked a plumber to visit that same day. The office organised Nathaniel, an O’Shea Hot Water Plumber, to attend the job. Nathaniel arrived promptly on time as well as gave Mitchell half-hour notice before he arrived.

When Nathaniel arrived he noticed a large pool of water around the existing Storage Hot Water Unit (HWU), taking a closer look at the HWU it was found that the cylinder had split causing fresh cold water to enter the unit as it was draining from the cylinder, hence the lack of hot water.

Nathaniel spoke with Mitchell about his options of replacing with a like-for-like unit, but also gave him options for upgrading to a new Continuous Flow HWU. Nathaniel mentioned the pros of each unit and Mitchell was eager to get the continuous flow as the thought of his family not running out of hot water was bliss.

Nathaniel organised the quote which was accepted straight away, before leaving Mitchell’s street. Nathaniel organised the materials for the new installation as well as an electrician to arrive first thing in the morning, which surprised Mitchell as he thought he would be without hot water for days.

The next morning Nathaniel arrived and got started on the required works, including gas pressure testing to make sure that the existing gas line was sound and not a danger to Mitchell’s family. The works were completed in a timely manner and the kids jumped in the shower straight away. Safe to say this was one happy family. Another happy customer!

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