Plumbing Issues That Causes High Water Bills

Homeowners go to many lengths to keep the cost of their monthly water bill low. This can be such common measures as reducing personal usage or installing efficient appliances.

Plumbing Issues Causing High Water Bills
Plumbing Issues Causing High Water Bills

One of the most common causes of high water bills that plumbers in Melbourne see is a leak that has developed somewhere in the plumbing. This can be a leak the home owner can see quite obviously such as a dripping faucet. This may be as simple a fix as a seal replacement. It can also be a pipe leak that isn’t as apparent such as a slow leak behind cabinets or outdoors. In this case it is important to look for signs of a leak. Water spots, staining or standing water can all indicate a leak has developed and may be the cause of an increased bill. It is important to try and catch these types of leaks early as they can and will only progress to more serious leaks. Worse problems from an unfixed leak may develop as well and will contribute to an increasing bill as well as a more expensive plumbing visit. One way to avoid this is to have all taps in the house serviced every two years at the very least. This can include cleaning, lubricating and replacing various parts of the tap. Homeowners may feel uncomfortable doing this and opt instead to contact our plumber.

Running toilets are another possible place to look for this issue. in most cases it is a simple fix like reattaching the lift chain or closing the flush valve. If these kinds of fixes aren’t helping then a leak might be the culprit and a call to the plumber may be in order. Other appliances to check are washing machines and dishwashers for potential leaks.

If there are no leaks and you are experiencing consistently high or rising bills, water pressure could be the problem. Most plumbers in Melbourne would recommend that the homeowner install a controlled pressure system. Besides the advantage of helping conserve water and thereby reducing monthly bills this system can help dishwasher and washing machine hoses last longer. It can also minimize the potential for water hammer to occur. Water hammer is the banging noise that can happen when the tap is turned on. Left unchecked water hammer could result in a burst pipe costing you lots of money for a plumbing emergency call. There are many more advantages to investing in this system which does eventually pay for itself making it a worthwhile purchase.

Having several older appliances in the house might be costing lots of money and be the cause of high bills. Water saving appliances like washing machines and dishwashers can help with this. Other options include efficient shower heads. Over the course of a year a water saving shower head could save over 14, 000 litres. Old toilets are horrible consumers. An old toilet in the house could use around 12 litres every time it is flushed. A efficient toilet uses about four litres every time it is flushed. With just five flushes that is a savings of 40 litres and that is an approximate amount for one day and one person.

If you are looking for plumbers in Melbourne to help you save money on your monthly bill or diagnose a leak, our family owned company would love to come to your house and help you and also talk to you about some options that might fit your home.

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